Predictions, Uranus in Taurus what to expect

 What to expect with Uranus in Taurus 

(Uranus stays in Taurus until April, 2026, so it may take some time for these to happen.)

This is from my lecture on October 12, 2018 at the Astrological Society of Kentucky.

 Uranus entered the sign of Taurus on March 16, 2018 and stays until April 26, 2026.  Uranus is the planet of change, it brings about the unexpected, the unplanned for events.  Sudden and sometimes with “fury”, changes are all but impossible to avoid.

Lets look at Uranus:  Uranus was discovered in 1781 by astronomer William Herschel.   It takes 84 years to travel through the Zodiac and approximately 7 years to travel in one sign.   It’s orbit is irregular and so is it’s actions, representing the unpredictable and erratic, and the bizarre.  The weird.   When Uranus was discovered the United States and France were in the mist of revolutions.     Because Uranus is one of the slower moving planets, it’s impact can be felt over a period of time.   Uranus never fails to surprise.

Taurus is completely different:   Taurus is signified by the Bull and be  stubborn and immovable.   Taurus resist change and want security and stability at all costs.   Taurus prefers to stick with the status quo and to keep doing things exactly how they have always been done.   Finances is one of Taurus main expertise, the handling and dealing with money.    Taurus rules things we value, the finer things in life.

Uranus in Taurus   Uranus is a planet where in the “blink of an eye” can shake our very foundations.    Taurus wants stability and security.   1934 to 1942.  Time of the great depression and the build up to war.  It was the rise of facism.    It was also this configuration in the build up to the Civil War.    Innovative Social programs were created during it’s time in Taurus.

Here are the area’s that will be affected.  Remember, these changes will take place during 7-8 year span.

Wall Street

  • Significant drop in the stock market.
  • Tech Stocks hold value, especially ones that offer things people value.
  • Companies that combine luxury with technology, such as clothing and other devices.
  • Bonds become profitable. Perhaps a new kind of savings bond is issued or more encouragement to buy government bonds.
  • Possible major institution to fail similar to Lehmann Brothers in 2007.
  • Repeat of 2008.
  • Food Commodities up and down


Banks, Lending and Borrowing

  • Innovative ways to transfer funds for purchases. Paytm digital wallet primarily in India is one innovation.
  • Blurring of the lines of what we have thought of as a bank.
  • Harder to get loans. (Oportur is a lending institution that looks at other information that banks exclude to make loans at 35% interest.  It allows people to build credit, especially those who are young.)
  • Cryptocurrency – bitcoin or other systems
  • Bartering systems become more mainstream
  • A company, Bitland uses block chain technology to copy tamper proof documents to create public records of ownership that can’t be destroyed or altered.
  • Innovative ways to secure our data at banks, investments firms and others dealing with money.

Uranus in Taurus wants to break free of debt, whether from  taxes, credit cards and interest rates.


  • Tax Increases on the Wealthy
  • Taxes on Luxury Items
  • Property taxes to increase


  • Reforms to existing Pension Systems
  • Changes to Social Security no caps on salary, age increase, disability reworked.  It was started by FDR during the great depression along with the WPA.
  • National pension program that individuals can make contributions too, similar to what businesses used to offer that are not IRA or 401K’s.

Land, Real Estate, Farming, Landscaping


  • New methods created to grow crops using technology. Farming practices become more innovative.   New tech to overcome labor problems.
  • Continued problems with migrant labor and getting crops picked.
  • Droughts and other natural disasters, Insects, Tariffs and Strikes  to affect food supply.  Resulting in…..
  • Food Shortages.
  • Farm subsidies reviewed and perhaps changed or eliminated.
  • Artificial beef. (The bull)  —  A company called Impossible Foods has developed a meat substitute that is engineered from plants that also uses a component of oxygen that is present in blood.  It has received good reviews and is known as the impossible burger.

 Real Estate

  • Slowdown in housing market
  • Unique methods of housing.
  • Small and modular homes.
  • Technological Houses.
  • Innovative ways to purchase properties.


  • Earthquakes, greater intensity and more of them.
  • New methods of reclaiming toxic using new technologies.
  • Devaluation of land due to natural disaster, erosion, mudslides, fires.
  • Shoring up of our Park Systems.


Music, musicians, singers

  • Innovative ways to enjoy music
  • New types of electronic music
  • New types of musical instruments
  • Unusual singers and musicians
  • How sounds affect the body
  • Spotify negotiates directly with musicians eliminating record companies.

Throat, thyroid, tongue, tonsils, vocal cords

  • More diseases of the throat, tongue, tonsils and vocal cords
  • Innovation in the treatments of those diseases.
  • Might see more throat and thyroid cancers


  • New beauty aids will come onto the market, these will incorporate ways to look younger without surgery.
  • Innovative Plastic Surgery.
  • Unusual beauty trends.
  • Revolution in makeup. Fenty by Rihanna offers 40 different diverse colors now.   More innovations like this to come.
  • Unusual makeup
  • Tech in our clothing
  • The beauty of nature to be more in the consciousness and ways to preserve our natural resources

Artist  and Craftsman

  • Painting by Banksy sold for 1.4million and then automatically shredded
  • Unique Art   – ( A French group called Obvious used AI to create a piece of art that sold for 10,000 lbs and will auction another artwork at Christies on October 23rd.)
  • Electronic Art
  • Art we can’t imagine
  • One of a kind items that are unique and hand crafted.

 Value’s, self-worth, possessions.

The things that we value could change, perhaps through loss.

What we consider luxury could change.   Shortages could give something value.

Our values as a people can change under this aspect.

People who have valued the security of Taurus, may throw it all away for the freedom of Uranus.

Reassess what makes us feel secure.

Uranus focuses on the future while Taurus focuses on the past