Dee Patterson is a well known and highly respected psychic counselor who has an active practice in Louisville, Kentucky.

A professional psychic since 1988, Dee has clients throughout the United States and nine foreign countries, and has read for over 3000 people, many of whom consult her on a regular basis.

Utilizing her psychic ability and counseling skills, Dee reads the past, present and future, and offers guidance to individuals who consult her for many situations where help is needed such as career, relationship, health, and family issues.

Not only is Dee able to answer questions of importance to her clients, she also has the ability for understanding the personalities of significant people in the clients life. Known as a compassionate and positive reader, Dee has a unique talent for discovering “patterns” of behavior and their root causes. Uncovering this vital information is crucial for the client, and often allows them to begin the healing process. Her clients often express a sense of relief after a reading and many state they feel “as though a healing has taken place”.

In addition to psychic readings, Dee also practices mediumship, medical intuition, and past life regressions, and is known for her professionalism and high degree of accuracy.

A popular teacher, writer and lecturer, Dee has traveled throughout the United States, giving readings, lectures and workshops.

In 1989, Dee created and published “Odyssey”, a popular spiritual and metaphysical magazine which not only delivers her own uplifting messages, but features articles from other psychics and healers as well.  Odyssey ceased publication in 2018 after 18 years.
She also began publishing her world predictions in 1994 and together with colleague, Marilyn Gaddie, has made over 700 predictions, many of which have come to pass.

Dee holds the honor of being one of the recommended psychics for the “Association of Research and Enlightenment” with the prestigious “Edgar Cayce Foundation” and worked for them as a psychic and panel advisor during their “Developing Your Intuition Conference” held in Virginia Beach, VA.

Not only has she been featured in numerous local magazines and newspapers such as “The Courier-Journal”, and “Leo Magazine”, Dee has also been a guest on numerous television and radio shows including, “Wave Three Listens”, the former “Louisville Tonite Show”, “WHAS-TV”, “WLKY TV”, “WAVE TV”, “ESPN2 News”, and on radio stations “MIX102”, “WHAS”, “Magic 101” and “96.5”.

Along with Marilyn Gaddie, she began her own public access cable television show titled “The Future Is In Your Hands” which aired on public cable.

Before deciding to utilize her gift for helping others through her psychic abilities, Dee enjoyed an extensive career as a Sales Professional with Xerox Corp., Digital Equipment and Unisys Corporations,  and prior to that as  Credit Manager with Xerox and Alcoa and Customer Service Manager for Brinkmann Dallas.

Dee served  on the Board of the “Astrological Society of Kentucky”  for 30 years   and was President from 1989 to 1991, and 2001 to 2002.