Pennies from Heaven Angels and Spirit Guides

There is a valuable resource that is available to each and every one of us, yet most people don’t really know they exist. They are Angles and Spirit Guides. At birth, a guardian angel is present to look out for us, but that is just one of our available resources from the angelic realm. In fact, most of us have many guides that aid and assist us in our everyday life. They come in many flavors, with different missions and they show up at different times; whenever their specialty is most needed. Sylvia Brown talks about her spirit guide “Francine”. She was aware of her from an early age. I haven’t read all of her books, but she didn’t mention other guides in the books I have read. However, I personally have been aware of at least 30 guides who work with me. Most come in during meditation, one of the best ways to open up. In our Psychic Development Workshop, we talk about spirit guides and the different forms they take. We also do a guided meditation and ask that one of your guides appear.

Angels and Spirit Guides work in amazing ways to let us know that they are around and helping us. When Marilyn and I taught our first Level two Psychic Development workshop, we gave each person an envelope that contained a symbol from their spirit guide. We did a meditation and directed the spirit guide to let them know what the symbol represented. One of our participants in that first class was Eddie Stratton. When he opened the envelope, he had a copper penney. After the meditation, he said that at first he felt that Abraham Lincoln was showing up as his guide, but then he turned the penney over and read the words “in god we trust”. He felt that was a message for him from his guide, who may or may not have been Lincoln. The message was to trust more, worry less.

Shortly after this workshop, I began to notice that whenever I was worried about money, I would find a penney in the parking lot of wherever I happened to be. At first, I didn’t pay too much attention to the phenomena. After all, maybe they had always been there, dropped by someone and I had failed to notice or bother to pick up a penney. But I thought of Eddies’ symbol from his spirit guide and I kept them. After I had a few, I put them in a small baby food jar and placed it in the center of my spiral chakra candle that I light when I meditate.

Having grown up poor, one of my core issues in this life is worrying about money. Most of the time I do pretty well, but occasionally negative thoughts creep in. Whenever I find myself worrying about an unexpected expense or a low income week, I will find a penney. Sometimes they show up in the most unexpected places. While teaching one of our workshops, one in which we didn’t have a good turnout, I was thinking again about, you guessed it, money. I went down the hall of the hotel to buy a soft drink. They had one of those free magazine stands in the room, something I had never seen before or since. Lying on top of the free publication was six shiny new pennies. I immediately scooped them up and added them to my now growing collection. I quit worrying that day about money. My spirit guide was telling me that I would be taken care of financially. Another time when I was worried about a household expense, I stepped out on the small porch in front of our house to get the paper. There at the edge of the porch was a shiny new penney. It hadn’t been there the day before. Our mail is delivered at the curb and so is the paper. There weren’t package deliveries or any other sign that a human had been on the porch. It was there simply as a reminder to trust.

As I began to pay attention to this phenomena, I began finding all kinds of coins; nickels, dimes, quarters and of course, more pennies. This has been going on now for several years. I have to confess that I finally had to upgrade my jar to a bigger one to hold all the coins I have found. While I have improved dramatically in my quest to quit worrying about money, I still occasionally have my moments. And, just like clockwork, a penney will appear. The last one now resides in my cup holder in the car as a constant reminder that my spirit guides are there and looking out for me.

Our guides are there to help us with our fears and our everyday problems. They are a great resource and comfort to us. You only need to ask for their help. Marilyn has written several stories about how St. Theresa, the Little Flower has helped her in times of great stress. St. Theresa always sent her a rose or the symbol of a rose to let her know that all would be well.

In 1995, after attending a Carolyn Myss workshop, I decided that I wanted to get more Medical information for my clients and myself. I began to work on opening up more to this information and letting go of the fear of telling people bad news, something that is difficult for me. During our first Psychic Development Workshop, I did the guided meditation that brings in the spirit guide. To my surprise, a new one appeared to me. He said his name was White Eagle and he was responding to my request for help with Medical Intuition. He lets me know that he is around by sending me white feathers or symbols of them. Shortly after this, a friend sent me a birthday card with two hands cradling a white feather in a healing manner. Once again, White Eagle was letting me know he was around. The information he has given me has helped many people to heal and get help with illnesses.

Angles and Spirit Guides are available for everyone. All you have to do is ask for their help and watch for a symbol from them. It’s there way of letting us know we are never truly alone.