A Psychic Reading

Dee reads the past, present and the future.  She uses tarot cards as a tool, but as a psychic, she sees (clairvoyant), she hears (clairaudient), and she feels (clairsensient) information which is then imparted to the client.  She is also capable of answering specific questions and always leaves some time at the end of the session for questions.   It is not unusual for your questions to be answered before you ask.

A Recording of the session is included with the reading.  It will be sent by email.  Upon special request, a CD can be provided in person and there will be an additional charge for mailing.    However, she cannot guarantee the quality of the recording due to any problems with the recording process, such as the recorder, a defective  CD or your telephone equipment.

Because Dee is a fast reader, with information coming quickly she offers 30 minute sessions and 50 minutes if you have many issues.

30 minute readings              $120.

50 minute readings              $150.