October 18 2023     Saw the Israeli flag flying over Gaza.   Israel will occupy Gaza.   Not sure for how long.   Felt it could be a long time.

October 30, 2023     Was shown Ukrainians jets flying over Russia.   Not sure when the planes are supposed to be delivered, but Ukraine will take the war to Russia.  

November 2, 2023      Mike Johnson, new speaker of the House will not last long.   Was shown a hook like they used in Vaudeville hooking him and pulling him off the stage.

November 7, 2023    This will be Marjorie Taylor Green’s last term in office.


Ukraine will receive major shipments of weapons from Allies.   They looked to be bigger and more powerful against the Russians.     

Russia could return to calling itself the Soviet Union as they give up all semblance of democracy in favor of the dictator Putin.

Saw service members of Ukraine parachuting into Russia.  I took this to mean that there will be covert actions inside Russian territory.

Ukraine will retake Crimea.

Keep feeling there will be a vacancy on the Supreme Court soon.

Trump may well have a serious health problem in the coming year.  I keep seeing an image of Trump where he lie’s in State as mourners pass by his coffin.  


4/10/22                Ukraine will take the war to Russia.  

4/10/22                While Russian troops are focused on destroying Ukraine, the outer flanks of Russia are vulnerable to attacks by dissidents in Russia.   They are gearing up now for strategic attacks.

4/10/22                Keep seeing Ukrainian planes destroying Russian tanks and armor.   This must mean that planes will be furnished to them by the Allies.

4/10/22                Ukrainians will have victory, but not sure what that will look like.  

12/27/21   While Omicron is less severe for those who are vaccinated and boosted, it can be deadly for the unvaccinated.   Was shown the refrigerator  trucks outside hospital parking lots, indicating there will be many deaths just like 2021.  This could be especially true for area’s already hit hard, such as Texas.

12/27/21  There can be problems with bleeding with Omicron.

12/27/21 Omicron should burn through the United States and wan by end of March.

12/27/21 I do not feel there is another major variant after Omicron.

12/27/21 We will finally get mostly back to normal by June, 2022.

12/27/21 Eventually there will be a pill to boost immunity.

12/27/21 Things politically begin to turn around for President Biden after July, 2022.

12/27/21 People who were close to President Trump’s inner circle will be in criminal court.


11-29-21.  Omicron variant will be very similar to the Delta variant.  I agree with most experts that it will be more contagious but felt that the vaccines will hold up against it.  Don’t expect outcomes of infection to be any different than with Delta.  

(I agree with Dr. Scott Gottlieb former FDA commissioner that we will reach herd immunity when enough people are vaccinated and the majority of the unvaccinated get Covid.)

9/21/21 –  Trump will have more legal problems beginning in October of this year.  

8/28/21  –   Afghanistan will end up in a civil war.   There will be regions where the Taliban will not be in control.   In about five years, I see stabilization in some of those regions where War Lords once again gain control.

8/28/21 –  The Taliban will fight against ISIS-K or any other terrorist group for control of Afghanistan.

8/28/21 –  At least 18% of children who contract Covid will have long term effects from this virus.  More serious than some would have you believe.

8/28/21  –  Unvaccinated US citizens will become more isolated as vaccination requirements become more universal.   Big business will not allow “personal freedom” philosophy to wreck the economy and their profits.

8/28/21 –  FDA will approve Moderna near the end of September with Johnson and Johnson vaccines to follow shortly after.   All will have boosters available.

8/28/21 – Insurance companies will begin to raise rates for the unvaccinated and may stop covering hospitalizations for Covid related illness.

8/28/21 – Trumps financial dealings to be in the news as more can be revealed now that he is no longer the President.     This will have a impact on his health.   



We will not be finished with Covid 19 until 2023.

There will be one more deadly variant of Covid 19 to emerge beyond the Delta/ India variant.

We will reach 650,000 dead in the US from Covid before the end of 2021.

Trump’s hold on the Republican Party will be greatly diminished by the end of 2021.

1/15/2021 – The Coronavirus is not a “once and done” infection.  I feel that it will continue to cause health problems to those who are infected, even the ones who had no symptoms or mild symptoms.   (Reports of people returning to hospitals months after overcoming Covid, only to have symptoms recur and ongoing health issues related to Covid.)


6/2/2020 –  There will be another treatment announced soon for the Corona virus that will be significant in combating it.  (Jun 16, 2020) An inexpensive and commonly used steroid can save the lives of people seriously ill with COVID-19, a randomized, controlled clinical trial in the United Kingdom has found. The drug, called dexamethasone, is the first shown to reduce deaths from the coronavirus.

5/16/20  –   Children will return to classrooms in August.  ( Some children are returning to schools with mixed results.)

5/18/20 –  International travel will resume by July.  (Travel was expanded between European countries but does not include US.)

2/11/20  –  While meditating with my group, I ask when would the corona virus end in the US.   I was shown a Wall coming down around the middle of July to early August.  I took that to mean by then it would be virtually stopped.   (Missed this one.   Virus is raging throughout the U.S. the first week of August  due to total disregard by the Trump Administration to follow it’s own task force guidelines.  However, Wuhan where it  was active in February and first originated in December,  has seen it nearly eradicated.)

3/3/20 –  Louisville would be in lockdown until the end of April. (Lockdown ended last week of April.)

4/13/20   –  We will have wide spread testing by the end of May and through June.  The real test, not the anti-body test.  (Widespread testing throughout US in June forward.)

4/13/20  –   A vaccine will be ready by September and the rollout in the following months.   Much sooner than expected.   (Vaccines were approved for use in Mid-December, 2020. This is the fastest that any vaccine has been approved.)

4/13/20 –   Masks and Social Distancing will continue through May, possibly into June.  (Most states still have masks mandates and social distancing.  This could last until a vaccine is available.)

I made this prediction on 6/8/11 Neptune in Pisces lecture at the Astrological Society of Kentucky meeting and published it in Odyssey Magazine.   It appears that the Coronavirus is this predictions coming true.

“Cures for current diseases could also come about, especially some that have been around for a long time. New diseases will emerge, many of these deadly. Diseases that have been isolated in parts of the world will begin appearing in new areas. Before Neptune is out of Pisces I’d expect some sort of pandemic somewhere in the world. Some diseases will be mysterious in nature and take a long time to find cures. Many lives will probably be lost due to these developments.”


Predictions, Uranus in Taurus what to expect    A list of the things I predicted in this lecture.


Predictions for Donald Trump during 2019     posted January 25, 2019

Trump has an aspect right now (progressed Moon conjuncts Natal Mars in 12th house)  and one that  will continue for the next several months that causes him to be even more impulsive and indicates a very dynamic time that affects him personally.   It brings lots of changes that he is responsible for bringing on himself.   Such as his proclamation that he would shut down the government and own it.  But, there will be other events during this period.    He is impulsive in a way that brings on his undoing and will expose more hidden enemies.   This causes problems in his career, which now is the Presidency and perhaps problems with his other business interests.  Things that have been hidden may be brought out to the light of day.  Eventually these events created now could bring about a loss not only to his career but his wealth.   Unresolved anger (Mars in the 12th) is often unknown to the person and brings out their worst impulses and they can be volatile.  The Moon can represent women and this certainly can indicate the problem he is having with Speaker Pelosi.   I see other women causing him problems.

In addition, he has detrimental aspects between Pluto and Saturn, both planets that deal with power.   (Transiting Pluto 5th house, opposing Natal Saturn conjuct Venus in 11th and Transiting Saturn inconjunct Progressed Pluto and inconjuncts Natal Uranus)   This gives both planets enormous influence in his chart.  They cause him to be even more ego driven and creates a sense of futility.  There will be personal losses and he could become even more subject to blackmail and  power struggles.    His approval with the public will continue to drop as more revelations are exposed.   Very possible there will be a current scandal involving another woman.  Past indiscretions are about to be revealed.   I expect that the Russia probe takes on a more menacing exposure for Trump.   Saturn is the teacher and task master while Pluto is the roto rooter, bringing up hidden information.   This is not going to be an easy time for him.   Adding Uranus into the mix makes for a very erractic and unstable time for Trump.    This lasts most of this year and into 2020.

No one can deny that ego plays a big role in Mr. Trumps life.   Transiting Pluto is inconjunct his Sun and this exposes his weaknesses regarding his ego.   Everytime he feels he has gained some ground, a new revelation will appear or his own ego gets the best of him, he will find himself on the losing end.    His progressed Uranus is now on his Natal Sun and this makes him even more erratic.     As I have stated before I feel these could bring about serious health issues such as a heart attack or stroke.   Some already believe he is in the early stages of Dementia.   This could prove true during the next several years.  His biggest concerns should be to control his anger, but Transiting Uranus is trine his Natal Mars, so this gives even more volatility and a desire for freedom.   It is possible he will begin to harbor the idea that he does not want to run in 2020.   He is used to getting his way and he now is boxed in on many sides, which Uranus on the Sun does not like.   Uranus wants freedom.

Transiting Jupiter is conjunct his Natal Moon, so all will not be bad.    He may find that Melania and Ivanka try to soothe his bruised ego.   Again, there could be more revelations where women are concerned.   His female followers will speak out in support of him.   Transiting Pluto also opposes his Venus, indicating again problems with women but also problems with finances, which will probably include the economy.   His policies will bring about a recession.

To net it out:   More scandals to appear regarding women.    Health issues.   More  hidden business dealings coming out into the open.   More erratic behavior.  A strong possibility that he will not finish out his term, due to health or scandals or both.   This will not be an easy period from now until the beginning of 2020.    He is creating a recession and the economy along with the stock market will tank.   Even his staunches supporters are starting to pull their support.   These are my observations based on looking at Trump’s birth chart only.   I  have not yet compared it to the US chart.  More on that later.

Since 1994, Dee has made over 2500 predictions with amazing accuracy. With each new issue of Odyssey, she contributes at least 10 new predictions.

  Astrology and Psychic Predictions for 2017

(Many of the things I have predicted during the last several years are still happeningSee prior years predictions below.)

We are fortunate that we do not have many negative aspects this year.  However, we are still feeling the ripple effects from the Pluto square Uranus that we have had in effect since 2012.

We start the year off with a bang.   Jupiter, the planet of abundance and excess, is opposing Uranus, planet of the unexpected and both squaring Pluto, the transformer and bringing forth from darkness into light.     The energy of this aspect is to do away with old and bring in the new.   We have seen this by the recent elections.  However, this is an aspect that says “be careful what you wish for” because you will get it in spades.   The danger is throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so there will be many unintended consequences.  People will be getting more than bargained for.  The Jupiter squaring Pluto indicates resistance to changes and can bring in volatility.  This is a year where the mighty can fall.  At the very least, those in charge will fail to live up to the expectations placed on them.  The Pluto squaring Uranus is tearing away old structures, sometimes without anything to take its place.  Just think of the Affordable Care Act.   We also have Mercury, which was retrograde, conjoining the Sun.   Retrogrades can mean “do overs”, so we will see a lot of backpedaling on issues.    Communications will still be more difficult regarding government, politics and financial markets.     Saturn trine Uranus gives us some hope that all changes will not be made without careful thought to the outcomes.  Plans put into place in the past will move forward.   Mars conjunct Neptune creates a growing sense that all will not be well.  It gives feelings of unease and a need to support those who do not have a voice.

Jupiter is the planet that is prominent this year.   Jupiter expands what it finds, good or bad, so it can be too much of everything.     Interestingly, this is also the Chinese year of the Rooster, so don’t expect President Trump to be quiet.  He will be “crowing” about everything.

We are still feeling the effects of Saturn in Sagittarius.   I predicted in the past a rise in religious fundamentalism under this aspect and we have seen Mike Pence,  a religious fundamentalist elected to the Vice Presidency.   This has also happened in the state of Kentucky with Governor Matt Bevin.   There will also be a backlash to religiosity. There will be more issues around Law and Order including ongoing problems with Police shootings.  On the other side, we will have more protections for law enforcement.   We will continue to see a rise in extremist views by terrorists, both foreign and domestic.   The possibility of more terrorist attacks in the US while many more will be stopped before they happen.   More hate crimes to appear this year.   All foreigners will still be seen as suspect.    I see issues around shipping and large ships.    Many new laws being created that will greatly hamper the rights of individuals.    Prisons will continue to come under review and see some sentencing guidelines changed.    There could well be scandals around the Prison systems.   Many changes coming in Education, in higher education, school systems and for pay schools.   We can expect to see how teachers are paid to change.   There will be a real effort to bust teachers unions.   I see big fights over the Supreme Court nominations.

Pluto is making its way through Capricorn, having passed the halfway mark.  The last time Pluto was in Capricorn, we had the American Revolution.    The energy to revolt is very strong now.   Trump was elected with this energy.   People are dissatisfied and looking for someone who understands them and their issues.   Only in the US can people be convinced that a man who grew up in a 28 room home with all his needs constantly met, actually be one of them.   As promised by Trump, regulations of Wall Street will be rolled back.  While the effects of this will not be so visible immediately, eventually this will create problems for the middle class.   Wall Street will return to its pre Obama days in how it conducts business.   However, this time there will be many “eyes” watching and alerting the news media.   Since Pluto is the “roto-router” of the Zodiac, look for many scandals around financing and financial institutions.    Embarrassing documents will continue to be made public.   All large institutions could have scandals, Wall Street, Banks, Hospitals, Prisons, Education, large Energy companies, large corporations.   Any large entities that deal with commerce in some way.   The divide between the elite and the other 98% will continue to grow.

In the US chart, it is wise not to believe everything you hear about the state of the economy and the stock market.   There will be illusion and delusion about the state of the country.   Emotions will continue to run high and many communications about bread and butter issues.  Opposition groups to the riches 2% will become more visible.   This is a year that will call for more discipline and less emotion.  At times there will be too much anger.   If channeled properly, much can be accomplished this year.  I don’t rule out that the US could take very aggressive or war action in the world.  This could come about suddenly and without warning.   Taxes to be changed for businesses.   Tax free holiday will be given to corporations to return dollars back to the US.   Regardless of changes being made this year, the economy will stay pretty much the same as 2016.   I expect during the next couple of years that gasoline prices will once again rise.   Restrictions will be removed so that it will be easier to get loans with fewer qualifications needed.   Wall Street and Financial Institutions including Banks have not learned anything from the 2008 Recession.

This summer, in August there will be a solar eclipse on August 21st.   This will directly impact President Trump’s chart.   It will conjunct his Mars and Ascendant.  He already has a heavily influenced Mars in his Natal chart and this eclipse will be setting that off.  The Mars shows how he can be very aggressive and angry.   The energy of Mars has suited him in getting ahead in Real Estate, but it also brings out his tendency toward anger and his outburst when things don’t go his way.    Mars on the Ascendant is like having Aries as his first house.   Impulsive behavior is quite common and some fearlessness.   It shows a person who can be quite “war like”.   However, it is placed in the sign of Gemini which shows up with his constantly changing his mind and saying exactly whatever he is thinking in the moment.   Gemini’s can also be quite charming and his Sun is in Leo, another sign that can charm.  This eclipse could very well cause a health problem or some sort of scandal.   The period when this energy will affect him is anytime from July through September.    I feel it is very possible that he will divorce while President.    I also believe it is quite possible that he will try to get us into a war.   His natal Jupiter conjuncts the US progressed Mars, so he will take actions of all kinds.    At our Astrology prediction meeting, Wendell said that he has had a very favorable aspect for the last 18 months.  That will be going out of aspect around March, so that is when even his most ardent supporters may become dissatisfied with him.

From March 4th through April 15th, Venus will retrograde in the sign of Aries.   When Venus retrogrades it is not a good time to buy property, expensive jewelry, start a new romance or have plastic surgery.   We could also see some major breakups with celebrities and people in the spotlight.    Aries is the planet of action and aggression, so there could be many issues between men and women, since Venus is closely aligned with women.

 2016 Astrological Prediction

Compared to the last few years, 2016 will not be as bad a year astrologically as there are less challenging aspects than we have had the last several years.

We start the year with the continuation Pluto squaring Uranus and conjunct the Sun.   Ego’s could be a problem and the erratic quality of Uranus could make for some very tense events as we begin the year.   Uranus square Pluto has been influencing the financial markets since 2012 and will be ending this cycle in March.   There could be more up’s and downs with the stock market and we will probably hear of ways that people are manipulating the markets or laws being considered to prevent these types of actions.     China continues to have problems with their stock market, which in turn is affecting markets worldwide.   I would expect though, as we leave this aspect, other countries that have had continued problems with finances will start to see a turn  around.   We also have   Mercury Squaring Mars, trining Jupiter.   Communication problems will abound with heated arguments and too much repetition of the same news.    People will have a hard time letting go of an issue and wanting to make sure their side is heard.     This could be a theme for the entire year, especially since it is a Presidential election year where there are lots of opinions.  Mercury also is retrograde from January 5th through the 25th in Capricorn, making all forms of communication even more difficult especially regarding the government, politics and the financial markets.

The square between Uranus in Aries and  Pluto in Capricorn has been affecting us since June 24, 2012 when it made its first exact square.   We have had exact conjunctions six more times, with the last one on March 16th, 2015.   They have still been within aspect of each other through most of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.   They will separate mid March and we will be finished with this square.   The most powerful effects of this square is to tear away old structures, Pluto in Capricorn, especially relating to government, big business, all types of institutions, politics and personal responsibilities.   Pluto gets to the underbelly, revealing the things that are hidden from view. Uranus shakes things up, often suddenly and without warning.   We have seen this with many Earth events.   During this square,  we have seen the ugly side of the government, such as the surveillance of its citizens as  revealed by Edward Snowden.  We have discovered how large corporations manipulate the tax system to their advantage.   We have seen how money, as a result of the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court has corrupted our political system.     The worst practices have been exposed.    Pluto is now about half way through its stay in Capricorn.   The problems have been identified and the beginnings of change could take place this year as more voices will be raised about the inequities in our systems.   Bernie Sanders is putting a voice to this  issues and bringing them before the public.   People are beginning to become aware in a way that they weren’t before this square and becoming angry.    This is especially true when you add in Mars’ influence with Uranus in Aries.

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn we had the American Revolution.  While we have witnessed Revolutions around the world, we haven’t seen one here…..yet.     It may not be a war or  violent, but the old structure of how things are done will change.   That is the nature of Pluto.   To “root out” what isn’t working.

The biggest challenging aspect we have this year is Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces.   This begins in mid-May and lasts through until October 14th when it goes out of aspect.      It will be a time of much confusion and uncertainly, especially around the political candidates for President.  I’d expect that all those running will have many ads filled with the truth about misdeeds, as well as outright lies and misleading information given about them.  It will get really nasty, more so than what we have seen so far.   The result will cause confusion as the public will not know what to believe.  There is the real possibility of violence around some campaigns.    Not knowing what to believe or disgust for the process could result in apathy by voters and the turnout for the election may not be as good as in the past.  This aspect brings disillusionment with the whole process, further eroding an already corrupt political system.    Individuals may feel that they have worked hard and yet economically are falling farther behind.   Problems could arise around foreign travel during this time period.

As Saturn moves firmly in Sagittarius, expect more problems with the police and the demand for changes.    This could create a backlash with officers leaving the force.   Education will make some headway in creating new ways of learning while the traditional institutions make necessary changes.    I’d expect the whole issue of tenure to be discussed this year, as well as, the pay of Administrators at all places of Higher Education.     More will be revealed and demanded, of how tuition is actually being spent by all institutions of higher learning.   There may be calls for reform.  I would also expect some scandals around Universities and Colleges.   Could be some college sit ins by students.   Again, this is about the inequities of those who have and the have nots.    Freedoms of all kinds will be topics, freedom from government, freedom from incarceration, freedom to believe what you want and freedom from tyranny.    Every negative thing we experienced during Pluto’s transit through Sagittarius is rising again.   Fundamentalism of all kinds will have a resurgence.   There will more religious intolerance from the ultra conservatives.    Expect scandals around religious leaders and houses of worship.    Foreigners will be suspect, even if they are citizens. Donald Trumps campaign against immigrants is a reflection of a part of our society who is intolerant of anyone who is different than them.  Many more hate crimes to be perpetrated.

We’ve already seen an emergence of  Militia’s,  and we will have more of these incidents.    Those on the fringes of society will become more visible.

There could be a change in the Supreme Court, perhaps with more than one Justice.  There will be heated arguments over laws that are proposed.   Some of these will be designed to limit our individual freedoms, causing more problems.  All aspects of law enforcement, including police, judicial system, justices, prisons and prisoners and the laws themselves will be in the news.   We could have another famous trial this year.    New issues will arise in regards to Nuns.

Neptune in Pisces continues to bring more issues around water.   Out of this will come some innovative programs for collecting and treating water.    Droughts to continue is some areas while others will flood.   Water levels to rise on major rivers throughout the nation this year. New methods of irrigation being tried.   Strong possibilities of conflicts, including violence around water rights in the Western States.    Many issues in the next few years around Drugs.     New life saving drugs to be introduced and we could see the beginning of legislation, (Saturn in Sag influence) that will regulate the price and quantity of drugs.   We already know that there is some manipulation of drug prices and more will be revealed about this issue.  (Pluto in Capricorn)  Efforts will be made to cut drug benefits for Medicare and Medicaid nationally, not just in Kentucky.    We could see a rebellion in the next several years around Doctors, who feel they are overworked and underpaid.    We could see an uptick in overdoses of drugs, even those prescribed by Doctors for legitimate health problems.    There could be some push back on advertising of alcohol.     More  problems with people drinking too much and new treatments to emerge for those with alcohol and drug addictions.    Mental illness will continue in the news bringing a larger focus to the issues of treatment.   Some civil liberties could be curtailed with the mentally illness.   New laws to make it easier to confine someone considered at risk to harm themselves or others before Neptune leaves Pisces.     The Pope will continue to gain popularity and be an example to the world.

Mars goes retrograde this year on April 17, 2016 at 8 degree’s of Sagittarius and stays retrograde until June 29, 2016.   It will spend about half that time in Scorpio.   When Mars is in retrograde motion, things begin to slow down.  It is not a good time to start anything new as there will be unexpected obstacles in the way and making success unlikely.    All retrogrades bring the energy of “doing over”,  making it very difficult to accomplish goals.  It is a time for inner reflection and not for rash or irrational behavior.  However, there is the energy for both.  It is a time for caution.    Projects could become stagnant until the energy is freed up.

Also on June 4, 2016 we have a grand cross between, Saturn in Sagittarius at 12 degree’s  squaring Jupiter at 14 degree’s of Virgo, squaring Sun, Moon and Venus at 14 degree’s of Gemini and squaring Neptune in Pisces at 12 degree’s.     I see crosses symbolizing “carrying the cross.”   So expect this to be an especially difficult time to get anything done.   Added to the Mars retrograde, it will not be a time to start anything new.    We might feel that we are burdened by many things.   At the same time, we have  Grand Trine between Jupiter in Virgo at 14, Pluto in Capricorn at 16 and Mercury in Taurus at 20 degree’s.    So while we have a burden to bear, there will be help with whatever situations arise.

In the US chart, our progressed Moon in Scorpio is trine our natal Moon in Aquarius.    Women will be pushing more avenues for equality and standing up for their rights.  Women to be a big part of the political process especially  with  women  running for President.  There  will be  strong women’s voices for and against a female President.   So expect women and women’s issues to play a big role in the coming  Presidential election       At the same time, fundamentalist will rear their ugly heads wanting a return to the old ways when women stayed home and took care of their family.

More  women to be made CEO’s in the coming years and to attain higher positions in corporations and government.   The progressed moon is in the sixth house of health and issues of healthcare will remain a big topic.   Jobs and job creation will also be much talked about  and this will include the problems of discrimination in the job market.   Look for women to start more businesses.

The month of October could see a spike in violence both in the US and abroad.   We have Mars squaring Jupiter, which could be over religious matters, Mars conjunct Pluto indicating some military action and possibility of a war between nations and Mars square Uranus which could have events occur suddenly and with bombs or lethal weapons.    This could all relate to one event or various different scenario’s.   Individually it will be a time to watch your own anger as events might seem to push you over the edge.

President Obama this year will continue to be more vocal.   He has his progressed Moon moving from the third house in Taurus to the fourth house of Gemini.   He will continue to bring his message to the people and transiting Jupiter conjunct his Natal Mars, he won’t care what his critics say.   He will become more forceful in delivering his message, adding some wit to his responses.   I feel that this will be a good year for him and his messages.


2015 Astrological Predictions

Keyword: Transition

On the whole, this should be a much easier year than 2014. The aspects are not nearly as challenging as last year.

We start the year off with a Mars opposition to Jupiter. This indicates that we will experience some frustrations during the beginning of this year. The need to expand will run headlong into forces that will hinder or stop the effort. I think we will see this played out in our political system, but it will also apply to other governments and in our personal lives. Eventually the groundwork for compromise will be laid as we have a Venus conjunct Mercury. There could also be a major crisis with a financial institution. Power will certainly be an issue with Pluto conjunct the Sun. Look for prominent people to try to inflate their importance in any discussions. Im thinking of Russias Vladimer Putin and his outsize ego, but also members of our own Congress.

Law and Order will be prominent news topics during 2015. Issues that deal with the Police, Lawyers, Courts and anything connected to the Judicial System, the both in corruption and enforcement to be in the news. Not only in our country but worldwide. Many scandals to emerge around the Law and the enforcers of the Law including Justices. Crimes against Women will be in the forefront of news stories. Prisons and Prison systems to come under review and we will learn of practices that are considered outside the Law. Scandals with all things that deal with the Law and the effects of those who enforce, create or administer it.

Look for major happenings around March 16th, when we have the final Uranus Pluto square. We will also experience a solar eclipse on March 20th on the Vernal Equinox, enhancing the effect of the Uranus Pluto dynamic. During March and April, there could be heightened tensions between countries with the possibility of war actions. We could see fluctuation in the stock market and events that will shake markets. More protests in various countries, including the U.S. Whistle blowers, corrupt government officials as well as corporate corruption on national and world scale, to be in the news, both for exposure and some for convictions. Many more security breaches, exposing embarrassing situations and over all theft connected to hacking to continue. Politicians and Foreign Leaders to be ousted. Revolutions to continue in many countries and on many levels of government. Shake ups coming in the CIA, FBI and Secret Service and/or Military organizations, so expect more scandals within our own government. China will continue to be prominent in Global Finances, investing in foreign companies and countries. Russia will continue to have problems around their finances and will continue to decline as more news about corruption emerges. Their economy is built on a house of cards which can topple like domino=s. Many news stories about Finances to start around this time period that could have long term effects in the United States and other nations. An Industrial Country to have financial problems that could shake the world banking systems.

As we finish up the run of Saturn in Scorpio, taxes will be in the forefront of Nations. Our Congress may come up with innovative ways to see that the wealthy are protected from tax increases. The issues of who is paying and who isn=t will still make the news. Issues around death and dying and the funeral industry to be prominent. As Saturn moves into Sagittarius, look for a re-emergence of right wing Religious groups to be making noise again. Militant groups that use Religion will become more visible. Extremist will be on the rise. Corruption within Religious organizations will be exposed during the 22 years of this transit. Higher Education will come into focus. Tenure, pay, pensions and the high cost of higher education to be discussed. Look for changes to be started in these area=s. Have been shown protest on campuses over the rising debt of students in the past and Saturn in Sagittarius could bring this about. More changes in the publishing world. Who makes the money and who doesn=t. More famous authors may decide to self publish and hire independents to distribute their books. Something innovative to happen in the world of publishing and publications. Racing Industry and horses in general will be news topics.

Major Earth Changes to continue with Neptune in Pisces that will bring about continued problems with water. Too much water, not enough water, drinking water, water rights all issues that deal with water to continue. More Hurricanes/Typhoons bringing about great destruction. Dangerous mud slides globally. Flooding around the great lakes. Too much water in some areas and drought conditions in others. Water borne illnesses to emerge in the coming years. In response to some of these issues, there will be innovative solutions to come out of our problems with water. Better uses of water for irrigation will emerge, with technology playing a larger role. On a higher note, Pope Francis is having an impact on compassion around the world. Catholic=s and lay people alike are reminded about the condition of the poor. He will continue to talk about the excesses of too much wealth versus the impoverished. With Saturn in Sagittarius, the hard liners of the faith will be opposed to him and could start a campaign to undermine his teachings. Movies and other forms of entertainment will continue to feature all things fantasy. Special effects will become more real, if that is possible. New drugs will continue to come onto the market as will the epidemic of drug abuse continue. Some new kind of prescription drug that addicts will abuse, this year or next couple of years. Ebola is just the tip of the iceberg. We are yet to have some kind of epidemic, although I feel it will probably be some type of flu that moves quickly through the population. Like Ebola, nations will be unprepared. I do see infections from Ebola slowing down in the countries where it is most prevalent. Drugs and the Drug Industry will come under scrutiny. More alternative treatments to be tested and touted in the coming years. There could also be a movement to break up drug conglomerates due to withholding of drugs and price fixing. Look for changes around prescription drugs.

With Uranus still firmly in Aries, look for continued stories about explosions of all kinds. This will include some people going berserk. Fires will be prominent again, bigger and burning hotter. Loss of habitat for animals. Anywhere the people perceive that the government has failed them, could be combustible. No longer waiting for changes to take place, they are taking matters into their own hands, often violently. The heat gets turned up. We could have a hot summer. We are in a time of great innovations and new and spectacular technologies will emerge. Our Universe will get bigger and as we push farther out into space. All things related to Space and space travel will be in the news in the coming years.

Pluto in Capricorn continues to make itself felt, lending power to the issues of Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and now Saturn in Sagittarius. Look for more efforts to chip away at the Dodd-Frank act since the Republican Congress was backed by Wall Street. We should be concerned that we will return to another recession if Wall Street is put back in control. Too big to fail has only gotten bigger. There will be a political push back from those who understand the consequences of allowing Wall Street to write laws. Lot of press about this and some sounding the Alarm will be prominent economists as well as politicians.

President Obama to have a better year. His image will change in some way. He will push back on any measure that Congress tries to push through that benefit only the financial industry and Wall Street. He will get better at communicating his ideals for the American people. Immigration will continue to be a focus for him and I don=t see him giving a inch on what he intends to accomplish.

Astrological Predictions for 2014

Keyword: Change

We start the year off with a bang.  The chart for the first of January includes a grand cross in Cardinal Signs.   We have Mars in Libra at 11 degrees squaring Pluto at 11 degrees, which is conjunct the Sun, Moon and Mercury opposing Jupiter and squaring Uranus, creating the cross.  The symbolism of the cross is that it is something that we must bear, and we have had major problems with the weather, creating burdens for nearly everyone in this country.  Grand Crosses are powerful and because they are in Cardinal Signs, it means significant events take place.  In addition to the freezing weather, we also had a flu pandemic across the country.  We are starting the year off with some extremes which could carry forward throughout the coming year.   This configuration is happening worldwide, so it does affect the world and not just in the U.S. Jupiter the planet of expansion is in opposition to Pluto, the planet of transformation, squared by Mars and Uranus.  Sudden events take place with the ultimate need to transform in some way.  Because the Sun, Moon and Mercury area also involved, we are changing the way we see the world, feel about it and think about it.   People’s perceptions about things can be undergoing a change.  In the US Chart, this configuration occurs in the 2nd house of money and finances, 5th house of creativity and children, 8th house of taxes and death and the 11th house of hopes, dreams, wishes, friendships and groups.   Expect many news events about the stock market and finances of major corporations, education and issues relating to children, taxes and  groups, organizations and friendships.  We will be experiencing a lot of change this year in Finances, Education, Taxation and Groups. We will be dealing with the 5th and 6th hit of the Uranus squaring Pluto.   Sudden changes, sometimes explosive, dealing with issues of control.   This could be another big year for Earth changes and events, especially around  April 21 and December 15 when these aspects are exact.  However, this energy can cause events the month before and after.    On April 23 we have another Grand Cardinal Cross involving the planets, Pluto, Uranus, Mars and Jupiter forming a cross at exactly 13 degree’s.  We also have a Grand Trine  between Jupiter Venus and Saturn, giving some relief, but not much.   Expect the second half of April to be a very volatile time.  We have Saturn entrenched in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces. Here is how I see these grand crosses and the above aspects to play out his year. One of the big changes we will see is the discussions about the aging infrastructure of this country.  And probably around the world.    We could have another bridge collapse in an urban area highlighting how bad the infrastructure of  our cities have become.  I expect news of  pipelines bursting, mines collapsing, and more sinkholes in unexpected places.  Water will continue to be a problem and is adding to the problems of the infrastructure through erosion.   Major storms will wash away highways.   Aquifers will be in danger of going dry or overflowing.   Many states will be looking to place tolls or sell roads to third parties, in order to fix or build highways.  We may see a re-emergence of advertising on roadways, but with the money going to municipalities.   We will hear more about shoddy building practices and look for more buildings to collapse in other countries.    Major earth events to take place, especially around the time of the Grand Crosses, especially in April, November and December.    We could see major Earthquakes throughout the world and Hurricanes/Typhoons that bring about great destruction.  Mudslides to occur all over as we get inundated with rains in many regions of the world.  At the same times we will have fires that burn hotter and are more destructive, occurring in area’s that are experiencing droughts.  The Pluto square Uranus is volatile and has caused major weather related events that will continue throughout this year.  We will hear of more explosions with pipelines, mining operations, fertilizer and chemical plants and terrorist bombings.  Anything that is combustible could explode, including people of the world. States and other countries will be looking for new ways to raise  revenue  that will be another form of taxation, something that is compatible with Saturn in Scorpio.  At the same time, we will be asking where is the money going and there will be more scandals than normal about who pay taxes, who doesn’t and where that money has been going.   Occupy Wall Street will re-emerge with a new name and more serious folks who are fed up with the high flying financiers of Wall Street.  The issue of haves and have not’s will continue to be a theme for several more years.  We will see exposes’ of the wealth of the rich and famous, furthering the divide.  Some of the rich will hire more security teams.   Saturn in Scorpio is transiting the sixth house of the US chart.  The Affordable Care Act will not be going away, but will undergo constant changes until Saturn leaves Scorpio.   There will be a lot more scrutiny of how the medical industry bills clients and how the Insurance Industry pays.  Back room deals may see the light of day with investigative reporting.  We learned last year that the cost of the same procedure can be vastly different at different hospitals.   Look for more of this type of information to be made available on line where it can be easily viewed by the public.   The same type of scrutiny will be applied to the drug industry.  This is also due to Neptune in Pisces and we will hear more about drugs that do more harm than good and how drugs are marketed inappropriately, leading to unnecessary deaths.   Regulatory agencies will come under fire for doing too much and not doing enough, depending on whether the issue is addressed by conservatives or liberals.  No one will be happy with the status quo. There will more emphasis this year on creating jobs.  We will also hear a lot about the need to create higher paying jobs and how low wage jobs are ruining the nation.  I said last year that Unions will get stronger and these issues will be part of that trend.  I see some jobs returning to US that will take economist  by surprise.  They will have written these types of jobs as gone for good.    Perhaps federal tax breaks to bring jobs back to rural area’s, particular the South.  Much discussion around the issue of wages, some good and some bad.  Executive pay may once again be front and center in these discussions.   Pluto in Capricorn is about revolutions and transformations and we can see these in events around the world, but they are happening here also with the expanding divide with who gets the money.  Expect the minimum wage to increase and pay scales to be examined.  Welfare programs will be changing and the push for getting people off the roles and into jobs will be in focus.  Many disagreements about how to do this. We began this year with a serious Flu Epidemic and I expect we will have more of these kinds of flu’s or other illnesses.   We are still due for some type of pandemic before Neptune exits Pisces.    Food borne illness to continue and the public becoming more irate over this matter.  Health issues to remain in the news including stories about drugs and drug abuse and new treatment programs.  The high cost of care and drugs.  Innovative programs could begin for treating addicts and the mentally ill.      The lack of focus on infrastructure, jobs, health and the well being of our citizens will result to ordinary people becoming fed up with politicians who aren’t responding to the needs of our nation.  Town hall meetings could become violent as people are frustrated with the status quo.      Regardless of party affiliation, I see people being fed up with the way government is run.  No one currently in office should feel safe as some surprises may happen as a result of this sentiment.  I see a change in the Supreme Court.  Not sure who is leaving, but see a change coming.  The Tea Party will continue to fizzle as mainstream Republicans gain control of their party.   Edward Snowden was just the tip of the iceburg, we will see many more revelations in the coming years with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.   More individuals will be exposing all kinds of secrets of large organizations, such as Governments, Political Parties, Large organizations, Religious organizations and Big Business, including Wall Street.  We will see more focus in returning to regulations of the Financial Industry and we could have another “meltdown” this year with a large institution.  I expect to see a significant drop in the stock market resulting from an over heated market place.  Because we have so many difficult aspects this year, not sure if it recovers in a timely manner.   By the time Pluto completes it’s pass in Capricorn on March 23, 2023  we will have returned to sensible regulation of the Financial Sector.  While Pluto was in Sagittarius we had unbridled optimism about the ability of this industry to self-regulate.   Capricorn, ruled by Saturn is a sign of responsibility and structure.  The rules we have right now are still not adequate to protect investors, even with  the Volker rule in place.  The Cardinal Cross in April could also cause a major war to break out, not necessarily within a country but between countries.   I keep feeling there is going to be major problems around Russia.   The beginnings of another revolution are taking place within that country.  Look for significant  earth events in the Phillipines,  China, Japan, Coastal India, Thailand, Viet Nam, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.  We could have a significant Earthquake in the US in the next two years.  I see problems continuing in Egypt.   The rights of the individual versus the rights of organizations and groups all with opposing viewpoints will be common in the next few years.  Not an easy year but a necessary one for the transformations promised by Pluto in Capricorn and the compassion promised by Neptune in Pisces.  

Astrological Predictions 2013

Keyword: Balance

My word for the year is Balance. I feel that we will as individuals and as a nation be looking for balance. For the last several years, we have been focused on survival, sometimes at the expense of everything else. Now, as the economy continues to improve, people will be seeking a fuller life that includes balance. We are wanting our government to be more balanced toward the people and away from the special interests. Look for this year to more of the same as we experienced in 2012. The economy continues to improve in spite of our dysfunctional government. With balance comes hearing more about both sides of the arguments. We will hear more about compromises, the need to give a little in order to get a little. We start the year with the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries. This is described by the fiscal cliff fiasco and the effects it has on the economy. Because both the Sun and Mercury move quickly, it was resolved, but indicates that the energy is there for more intractable thinking. This could last until Mercury trines Uranus on May 5th. We also have Mars in Aquarius squaring Saturn in Scorpio. The Mars energy wants improvements for the overall good of the many, Aquarius, while Saturn wants to keep the status quo. I see this again as the “haves versus the haves not.” Mars in Aquarius will also be trining Jupiter in Gemini, so look for new ideas about solving problems to emerge, whether it’s about the economy or technology. The big change for 2013 is Saturn in Scorpio. There is no doubt that we will have an emphasis on taxes in during the next two and half years. When Saturn was in Scorpio in 1985, there was a tax overhaul package introduced to congressional leaders and sponsored by both parties. It eliminated many loopholes, lowered the rate for the top earners, while raising the rate for lower earners. It also raised the rates that corporations paid. So we will have some type of tax reform and elimination of current loopholes. We have a mutual reception between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, meaning this is like a double dose of both Saturn and Pluto. That means we will still have scandals around any of type of large organizations that will deal with sex, death and taxes. More scandals about the abuse of power by these types of organizations. We will be hearing news about who does and doesn’t pay taxes. Sexual scandals will abound. The cost of burials and issues related to death and dying will be in the news. We will discuss the “end of life” costs to Medicare, Medicaid and to Insurance Companies. We could end up with very innovative programs to deal with these issues. The “right to die” will gain some momentum and could be the beginning of a movement to allow the terminally ill to make these decisions for themselves. The business of death will be in the news. We will also hear about the seamier side of sex, about the exploitation of the vulnerable and more about the sex trade. Perhaps the beginning of a movement to legalize prostitution. At the same time, because Scorpio is a fixed sign, there will be great opposition to any changes to the status quo. In the second half of the year, Jupiter, the planet of expansion moves into the water sign of Cancer. We go from the intellectual thinking process of Gemini, where we were looking for “clarity”, to the feeling process. Now that we have the information, how do we feel about what we are being told. There will be a emphasis on the home, home matters, children and those who need to be cared for. As area’s that can be taxed are brought up, the old argument of guns versus butter will once again become dominant. Do we cut programs that help the most vulnerable of our society or do we cut Defense spending? Look for more in the news about these topics. There will emerge a greater sense of compassion and also our views about what makes us feel secure. Government programs that no longer work will be reviewed, with some being cancelled and money allocated elsewhere. With Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer, all issues that deal with the emotions will be topics of discussions. Mental Health will be a big topic. How do we detect the mentally unstable and more, what do we do about them? There could be big changes as to when a person can be institutionalized against their wills. The pendulum will swing in the opposite direction, away from individual rights to greater good of society. We will have the Pluto square Uranus again on May 20th and again on November 1st. The last times this has taken place, we have had a slow down in the economy, often due to power struggles with the Congress, Senate and President. So expect more of the same until we get our house in order. I feel that big business will begin to put concerted pressure on congressional leaders to get their act together so that big business can have certainty about the future. The people are pretty much ignoring the political leaders and just going about their business, so the economy is growing in spite of the powerful. In the US Chart, our progressed Moon is conjunct our Natal Saturn in the fifth house. There will be an emphasis on schools, education, safety and all matters related to children and their welfare will be in the news this year. Food and food safety to continue to be in the news. What’s in our food and how it affects the health of our children will be big topics. Science will finally begin to weigh in on these issues. With Saturn transiting our six house I could see problems with implementing the new Health care law. It will take a lot of structure to put all the systems in place. The cost of healthcare will remain a big topic and I’d expect some changes in Medicare. Transiting Mars is traveling through our ninth house, so matters with higher education will be prominent. I still feel we could have protests on College campuses about the high cost of education. Continued problems around sports and sports teams dealing with who gets the money. We might see more scandals that relate to religious institutions and money, sex and abuse of power.We still have Neptune in Pisces which emphasize water problems and Uranus in Aries about fires and explosions that I have dealt with in past lectures and predictions. President Obama starts the year with Saturn transiting his Neptune in the 9th house. He is being forced to put concrete actions into place and deal with what is truly just for the American people. Areas where he may have been indecisive are now becoming clear and stronger. He will also be dealing with issues around foreign affairs and taking tough stands with some of our enemies and friends alike. Expect to see him in the public more appealing to the common man to get behind his agenda by forcing congressional leaders to act for the people. The finance of the nation and it’s debt will weigh heavily on him this year and expect all programs to experience some cuts. Campaign charges of Senators and Congressmen looking out for the special interests will continue to be spoken about in his speeches. He will go to great lengths to make sure the public knows where their representatives loyalty really lies. We might sometimes wonder if he is still campaigning. On Jul 29 2013, there will be a grand sextiles between, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and the Moon, resulting in a “Star of David.” They are in Earth and Water signs. The only thing I could get for this is that was a sense of peace and love. Overall, not a bad year ahead.

Astrological Predictions   2012

Keyword: Clarity

Each year, a keyword for the year comes to me. Last year it was “accountability”. This played out when we saw the “occupy wall street movement” take hold and protesters wanted those responsible for the “meltdown” to be held accountable. This year, the word I got was “clarity”. I feel that the word “clarity” means people will begin to get clarity about our national situation. This could come about through the Presidential election. We have already seen this played out with the Republican Primary. One day a candidate was a hero and the next, with more facts laid out, they dropped in popularity. I would expect clarity in all phases of our lives.

This year will be a continuation of 2011, with many of the same events taking place.

The main aspect that we begin the year with is Jupiter in Taurus opposing Saturn in Libra. Jupiter wants to expand while Saturn wants to restrict. This creates tension between holding fast or letting go and expanding. Businesses will be trying to figure out if they should expand or remain more conservative. People are tired of doing without and yet are afraid to over indulge. Jupiter in Taurus wants to indulge in the finer things in life. Those who have money will be spending it, while being criticized for doing so. We also had Mercury squaring Mars where anger and mis-communications seem to be the order of the day. Again, this will be apparent during this election cycle. Wefll see this in the protest crowds and their opponents.

The most significant factor during 2012 is the Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This configuration was in effect June 2011 through Sept. 2011. During this period we saw a slow down in the economy largely due to the rancor over the debt ceiling. The fact the Congress was so dysfunctional left businesses and the nation unsure of any decisions around growth. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, sudden and swift change, like a tornado or earthquake, while Pluto is the planet that brings hidden things to the surface. This creates revolutionary energy. Ifd expect that we will see many more groups marching around all kinds of issues. These two planets were conjunct during 1963 to 1965 and at that time we saw big protests on College campuses. I feel we will see protests on campuses, but this time itfs about the cost of an education. Pluto in Capricorn is about those with the power and how they use it. The last time these two planets were in square to each other, was 1931 to 1934. During this time Hitler was beginning to consolidate his power in Germany. Itfs interesting that we are now looking to Germany because of there financial stability during the European crisis. Hitler was able to rise to power because the people had become apathetic. At the same time, people want freedom from tyranny. So I think we will continue to see revolts in countries run by dictators. Anyone in power, whether individual or corporations,

government or other large entities, has the potential to be attacked by those who see their role as oppression. The people will be seeking to take back the power. In the United States chart, Uranus in the eleventh house and Pluto is in Capricorn. We can expect heated and maybe violent discussions about the tax code and who should pay. Will the greater good of the majority take precedent over the mighty or will the general population be made to pay for the mistakes of the few. You can see where this tension could create protests. Uranus squaring Pluto will occur 6-2-2012 to 6-24-2012 and again 9-19-12 to 10-10-2012. It will also occur six more times from 2013 through 2015. We will still see many hot spots for revolution all over the world. With Pluto still in Capricorn there will be a focus on kidnappings for money in all parts of the world. Pirates will be in the news more. The business of sexual slaves to continue to be in the news. The haves versus the have nots will continue to be talked about, sometimes with violence.

Because Uranus is still in Aries, and as Neptune moves firmly into Pisces, we can expect larger and more volatile earth changes. We’ll see bigger fires all over the world. More flooding on an epic scale and areas hardest hit will be hit again, such as China, India, parts of the US, Latin America. Flooding in unexpected places, area’s not known to flood. I feel we will have bigger earthquakes especially in the middle east, countries like Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey. I see Iceland having another volcanic eruption and one in South America and Hawaii. We should see some significant earthquake or volcanic eruptions around the time that Uranus squares Pluto. There will be intense debates about who should pay for these disasters as some will be moved by peoplefs plight and some will take a hard line. Jupiter opposite Saturn.

Looking at the United States chart, this continues a period where no one seems to be satisfied with the status quo. I’d expect the government to roll out more programs to get the economy moving, regardless of their popularity. Taxes, and who pays them will be the hot topic for the next few years. Last year we learned that major corporations such as GE actually received taxpayers dollars as a windfall instead of paying taxes. Ordinary citizens were and will be outraged. Again, “clarity”. Ifd expect that taxes will go up, regardless of whofs in the White House, so see some of the Bush tax cuts lapsing. There could also be a change in the Estate Tax. All government entities will be looking for ways to raise revenues through taxation. We could be nickeled and dimmed to the poor house. More discussions about the electrical grid and many more power outages. New technologies will be coming at such a quick pace that we will find it impossible to keep up. Ifd expect music delivery to change again in some way with Neptune firmly in Pisces. The next great thing is probably on the horizon. Our progressed Moon and Mars is firmly in the fifth house of the US chart, so again, lots of discussion about our educational system. I see more innovative programs being tried and a greater emphasis on education. I would expect that the arts will return to education with Neptune in Pisces and the idea that one size fits all will be abandoned and states given more responsibility for education. We will be doing away with the “no child left behind” that teaches only to the test. We saw many issues around education last year, including the breaking stories about pedophiles in higher education sports. Pluto in Capricorn will continue to expose things that are kept hidden by the powerful. More news stories about how government and special interests are tracking us. Issues of what they know and what they should be allowed to know about us will be in the news. Scandals about fraud and greed will continue to be in the news. A lot has already come out, but we are just at the tip of the iceberg. I’d expect that very little will be hidden from the public as surveillance will work both ways. We’ll know who the super pacs are and who controls and funds them will be made public. The mover and shakers who have until now stayed in the background, such as the Koch Bros. are being exposed. Ultimately this will be good for our democracy, this is Uranus in Aries in the eleventh house. We want justice for all. Class warfare will be spoken about a great deal during this election cycle.

Mars will be retrograde from 1/23 to 4/13 in Virgo. Ifd expect a lot of discussion about Healthcare and Obamacare, perhaps a Supreme Court decision. An interesting side note is the largest contributors to Obamafs reelection is the Healthcare industry. Wall Street has that honor for Mitt Romney. Mars retrograde slows things down and cause lots of frustrations. Ifd expect to see the Unions rise again and show themselves in large turnouts. Ordinary people will feel frustrated over the stagnation of their wages. Ifd expect insurance companies to talk more about charging those with unhealthy lifestyles more for their insurance. Venus goes retrograde from 5/15 to 6/27 in Gemini. During that time wefll see lots of talk about the economy but little action. Could be a time of slow down in the stock markets, especially since the Uranus square Pluto also occurs 6/2 to 6/24. Venus retrograde is not a good time to buy real estate or other objects of great value.

President Obama will be hit hard about the economy and this ties to wall street. The Uranus square Pluto is from the eleventh to the second. He will have to make a strong case that he is looking out for the common man. This has already been an issue for him during the second half of 2011. However, with Jupiter transiting his third house, he may indeed pull a rabbit out of the hat by returning to becoming a better communicator. I donft think this will be an easy year for him, but don’t see disaster for him either.


Astrological Predictions 2011

Keyword for the year: Accountability

Each year, a keyword for the year comes to me. Last year it was “what is truth”. During the elections, many people would say to me, “I donft know what to believe”. People were trying to figure out what part of the rhetoric was true and what were lies. This year we are going to want to know who is accountable. Is it the government, the people, the corporations? Exactly who should be held accountable.

We begin this year with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces. This is the last of this conjunction. I believe this has given us a heightened sense of the unexpected coupled with the unknown. You feel like you need to take shelter from a storm, but just as you reach the shelter, it gets blown away. People are having a hard time believing that things are actually getting better. I think this conjunction will also see an increase in water related global problems, like what is happening in Australia. As this aspect dissipates wefll have Neptune moving into Pisces. Interestingly, Mercury went direct just as we started the new year, at 19 degreefs of Sagittarius and will end the year at 19 degreefs of Sagittarius. I would expect from this that we will spend the entire year talking about education. How it needs to be changed, how much it is costing, what are students actually learning and on and on. There could be some innovative programs put in place and Ifd expect the push for Science and Math to continue. There could be new methods used to teach our students. I just heard where some schools are now allowing students to type their essays and use spell check. The theory is why waste a students time with spelling when spell check can be utilized. We should see more changes in the publishing industry and Ifd expect people will think about traveling again. We could hear a lot about religious schools and education. We also have a Mars square Saturn and in the US Chart, transiting Saturn is conjunct our progressed Mars. These are the aspects that are increasing the anger people feel over the economy and government spending. Wefre angry about everything, yet we donft want to changes that restrict us. Itfs you change, not me. This could apply to relationships, especially with Saturn in Libra.

I think we can call this the beginning of the year where everyone becomes ADD. (Attention Deficit Disorder) as Uranus move into Aries on March 11th to stay for the next seven years. The possibility of continued violence where one gunman unloads on innocent bystanders will probably increase. The fire and anger of Aries, which is impulsive by nature will be enhanced by the sudden and unexpectedness of Uranus. Jupiter will pass from Pisces into Aries on Jan. 22nd, and into Taurus on June 4th . Jupiter will square Pluto from 2-20 to 3-2 then from 5-14 to 28 transiting Jupiter will square the US Natal Pluto. One of the ways this will play out is the debate about the freedom of possessing guns against the reality of problems with shootings in the news. Transiting Pluto is opposing Natal Jupiter during this same period. Hard questions will have to be asked. Should people be allowed to bring guns to public places? Many people are surprised to learn how many people are legally packing concealed weapons. I believe this is the beginning of a shift as we begin to look at the “big business” of guns. Pluto in Capricorn. Individual Freedom versus Public Safety will continue to be debated. From 2-20 to 3-31, there are several aspects from Jupiter, both hard and soft. I believe this is a time when the stock market could drop and highlight problems around finances. Transiting Jupiter will square the US Venus.

One of the most significant events this year is Neptune moving into Pisces where it will stay until March 2025. During this time we will be concerned with all issue around water. Wefll be talking about the quality of our water and the availability of water. At the same time, wefll experience many earth events that deal with too much water. Look for bigger Hurricanes, bigger floods, perhaps another great tsumani and problems with the Oceans. We can expect the beginnings this year of new inventions dealing with music and changes with the music industry. Mental illness will also be spotlighted. Again, the debate of personal freedom versus public safety. Hopefully, we’ll look at better funding and treatment for those who have mental illness. Usually when a planet changes signs, we tend to get the worst before we get the improvements. So this could be a year where are “talking” about the problem, without finding any solutions. Ifd expect there to also be a beginning dialogue about Drugs. This will take all forms from illegal drugs to prescription drugs. Ifd expect that the legalization of Marihuana will continue to be a hot topic and it could be made legal. Neptune dissolves what it finds and we get a double “whammy” with it in Pisces. Since this covers the entire world, just expect to hear more about drugs in the news. The technology around the film industry will grow by leaps and bounds. Wefll probably be able to “escape” into an alternate reality without the use of drugs, instead utilizing technology to create a “real” experience. Like the holodecks of Star Trek. Look for secrets of the Ocean to be revealed. More people will begin to open up “psychically” and talk more openly about their intuitive experiences. Angels and Spirit Guides will be talked about in the media. Creativity will be off the charts and expect some beautiful music and art during this transit. At the time that Neptune first goes into Pisces, April 4th, we will also have Mars moving into Aries to conjunct Uranus. The Mars will also by squaring the US Venus and then Jupiter. This could be a time of heavy rains affecting the US. There could also be problems around this time with the stock market and/or much discussions about the deficit. With Uranus it could be an explosion of some kind, such as a mining disaster or volcanic eruptions. This could also take place under the Oceans.

Pluto in Capricorn – As Pluto moves from 5 to 7 degrees of Pluto this year, we can expect to learn more about the malfeasance of corporations and the government. Ifd also include all large organizations, including the NRA People will want to know how these groups are influencing our laws. Military spending to be closely looked at and cuts are coming. All phases of government will be tightening their belts. I feel a greater scrutiny of big banks will begin this year. More exposure about how much government money large businesses are accepting. The spotlight will get very big during the coming years about Corporations and corporate welfare. There will continue to be news stories of trafficking in people for the sex trade or slave trade. During the coming year, Pluto will be opposing the US Venus and Jupiter conjunction. This has been happening during the last several years. In December Pluto leaves this aspect. So while we should see some improvements this year over the last several years, things that we value will continue to be stressed. Expect money to still be tight and a reluctance to spend extravagantly. Deficit discussions will continue, although not sure much progress will be made in 2011. I keep feeling that we haven’t yet had the major discussion about who has the wealth and the rest of us. This did come up during the last election and just before tax cuts for the wealthiest were extended, but I think we’ll have a lot more discussion about taxes when Jupiter moves into Taurus. All aspects of government, big business, unions, large organizations, medicine and our country will be under review as Pluto moves more into Capricorn.

Around August 1, we will see an increase in jobs. Saturn will trine the Midheaven of the US Chart. The government along with business could begin to launch new programs to create jobs. I do feel there will be an emphasis on job creation.

Saturn is still in Libra and I’d expect to hear more about marriage, ending of marriages and help for people who are having problems. Gay marriage could become a reality under this transit. A continued growth in social networking groups. Equality of the sexes to remain a hot topic.

I don’t expect this to be a great year, but it will be better than the last several years. With Uranus in Aries, I’d expect that something will be done about the “glut” of housing. Perhaps they will just begin to tear down some that have already been stripped bare. The land will be reclaimed for other uses. Also look for more electrical problems to emerge. I feel that “cyber warfare” will be in the news a great deal in the coming years. Wefll see the internet being used as another weapon in the arsenal, like when hackers took down MC/Visa over the Wikileaks problem. The government will eventually have an entire department for cyber war and cyber crime. I feel it will be organized and funded to view all threats. Once Jupiter in Taurus on June 4th, we should see Money start to flow more easily helping with the housing market, job creation and business loans.

Barack Obama. – This is the year that people will believe that the President actually “grew a pair” and takes on his critics. He has Saturn transiting his progressed Mars and transiting Mars conjunct both his natal and progressed Saturn. He will feel like he has had enough and may take on not only the Republicans, but Democrats who don’t see things his way. I’d expect him to push forward with his own agenda this year and to get a lot done. He will continue to be in the public, making speeches and using every opportunity to reach the people directly. I feel he will re-evaluate whose counsel he listens too and will become more independent in his thinking and actions as Uranus and Jupiter trine his natal Mercury and Jupiter trines his natal Sun. His progressed Moon will cross his ascendant this summer, another indicator of his coming clairity of thinking and action. Transiting Neptune will make a trine to Mercury, so he could be looking for creative ways to address the deficit and the problems the nation faces. Transiting Mars will go back and forth from the 12th house to the 11th & 10th houses. He will push for programs that affect the greatest amount of people, what is good for most, not just the few. Again a focus on job creation. This year won’t be as bad for the President as 2010.    

Astrological Predictions  2010


Keyword:  what is truth?


We start the year off with both Mercury and Mars retrograde and with Saturn squaring Pluto. The Mars retrograde is one of the reasons we have heard about so many fires and people who are firing guns by going nuts. Mars retrograde is like walking through twelve inches of snow. You can get to where you are going, but it is slow going and frustrating. Combining Mars with Mercury retrograde, when mis-communication is everywhere, you can see how people are literally going “ballistic”. Since Mars will continue to be retrograde, look for news items of this nature until April.

More significantly, because it is more serious, is the Saturn square Pluto aspect. This will bring forth the dark side of government, big business and any large organizations. Any organizations that have power over people could come under scrutiny and unsavory revelations will surface. We will hear about malfeasance on the part of corporate executives and about the dark side of how some corporations do business. We will learn of companies who have been trading with our enemies. For example, recently Jeremy Scahill of The Nation Magazine wrote the book, “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army”. I listened to a program on NPR where he talked about Blackwater and their influence with our government. They are an organization that operates outside of the laws of the US and other countries. Only now is the information about them coming out in the open. So look for more of these types of stories to emerge during 2010. We will learn of the failures of our government, such as the TSA incident. Any large organizations could have scandals revealed. Many Ponzi schemes have come to light in the past year, so we will found out more about how the “masses” of people are being ripped off. This could apply to Religious organizations as well, if they are large. Most of these issues will be associated with money. We could see politicians ties to big industries revealed in a way that could lead to embarrassment and possibly jail time. Issues with the Prisons and Prison Systems to be in the news. This aspect will occur several times during this year, so the beginning of some of these stories will be this year. I would also expect an “uptick” in violence for most of this year. People are feeling more and more stressed and reacting without thinking. Long held grievances will come to a head. The regular working person is “fed up” with the unfairness of their political system. This is throughout the world , not just here in the US. On a personal level, if this aspect hits planets in an individual chart, they could explode. At the least, people will still feel supressed.

We also have Saturn now in Libra. Look for more scandals like Tiger Woods. Many marriages and relationships that are teetering on the brink will break and fall apart. ( since I wrote this, John and Elizabeth Edwards have separated, once considered an enviable couple) We will hear more of the rich and famous dissolving their relationships under this transits. Saturn requires that we become serious about structure. Libra is about relationships and the masses. The good of many will be a topic that will reappear versus the good of the few. What is good for the people, for the world. The thought that we are all one in this together will come more to the forefront. I would expect news articles about how the few benefit at the expense of people. Justice for all will also become more important. We could see overhaul of the judicial system during the next several years. Perhaps more fairness in the meting out of punishment. Look for a flurry of books and movies on relationships and how we can all get along to hit the market. More social networking to take place. Groups coming together to socialize. The arts could gain prominence again and the funding for such could become big topics, both for and against. Justice for all. Saturn will also go back into Virgo where we will see an emphasis on job creation and more about health care. Fashion trends could move back to a more conservative look. Gay rights will stay in the news and they may finally be recognized as having equal rights. More news stories about equality of the sexes, especially in the military.

Jupiter and Uranus Conjunct opposing Saturn and squaring Pluto (entire configuration happens in late June)

I would be very surprised if we donft have problems with the electrical grid and severe outages are almost certain under the Jupiter/Uranus aspect. Couple that with the squares from Saturn/Pluto, itfs when the bill comes due for years of neglect with the electrical grid. The result of this could be an upgrade or perhaps new technology being employed. I see other outages that have to do with telecom. I think some of these disruptions are by hackers or terrorists, designed to knock out communications. Expect more major earth changes. Uranus moving into Aries will bring about intense fires and volcanic eruptions. When these planets made aspects to each other in 1965-66 we saw the emergence of many “grass roots” groups. Today we have the “tea party” and I would expect that there will be other groups forming that will be disruptive. In response to this group, which some feel is the repackaging of the Klu Klux Klan, will have other radical groups forming, perhaps like the “Black Panthers”. During this period Medicare was passed, so expect some form of Health Reform to become reality. I think there is a good chance that we will have riots in this country and around the world. There will be a feeling of “us versus them”. Who are the people with the money and how did they get it.

However, from all these heavy aspects, I believe that there will be meaningful reforms taking place. The status quo can no longer be tolerated by ordinary people. These reforms may take some time to take place, but this is when they begin. Perhaps we will see the emergence of a real third party, to challenge both Democrats and Republicans alike. I would expect that the tax breaks for the wealthiest americans will be rescinded or allowed to return to pre-Bush years.

Uranus in Aries will bring about tremendous innovations in technology, everything will become quicker, faster. Rockets to the Moon and space travel to gain momentum. Expect explosions of large magnitudes, man made and natural disasters. Digital imaging of the body to be a routine reality to diagnose illness and also for security. Expect a push back from “big brother is watching you”. Breakthroughs in neurological diseases. New building materials and methods of building being created. Many new start up businesses and perhaps new government programs to help get new business going. Major advances in spinal cord injuries. This will create a lot of pent up energy, that can just explode, so expect more devastating earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I would expect more disasters on the scale of Haiti. Some of these eruptions will take place in the “ring of fire” in the Pacific ocean.

The economy is still in bad shape. This is not a good year for taking big risks. As a nation, we have Saturn transiting the Fifth House of the US Chart. There should be a focus again on educating and caring for our children. Expect art and funding for the arts to be in the news. With all these negative aspects everyone should use caution and think through projects. Wall street has still not learned the lessons from this last meltdown, so gambling in the market to continue. More and more news items will emerge that point out the fallacy of tying the stock market to the health of our economy. Itfs truly a house of cards.

Mars in transiting the fourth house of the US chart, opposing our natal Moon. This reinforces that ordinary people are still feeling the hard times and there is anger associated with where the country is today. No politician that has been in office for a long time should feel to comfortable, as leadership is being blamed for the mess this country is in and the anger is real. In spite of this, with Jupiter transiting the tenth house of the US chart, I would expect that new opportunities for business will emerge this year. Perhaps programs put in place by the government to spur activity.

President Obamafs chart has Saturn transiting through the eighth house. I feel this definitely indicates that the President will be looking for sources of income to offset the national debt. As I said earlier, the most likely revenue source will be to tax the wealthiest people and corporations who have evaded our tax system. I would expect a big crackdown on tax evaders. Many loopholes will be closed in the next two years. Transiting Pluto is opposing his natal mercury. He may be more spontaneous in his communications, saying what he truly thinks, but regretting it later. At the same time, I would expect that he will have a deeper clarity of issues and the motivations of those he has to deal with. He could ask sacrifices from the labor unions, since this is in the sixth house and place a lot more focus on companies that send jobs overseas. I would expect that he will continue to push for healthcare reform in some format. Drug prices will probably come down. Even though we have a lot of negativity going on this year, he has Jupiter transiting the first house, so expect to see a lot more of the President, speaking about the issues, taking his messages to the people and traveling the country. With Mars transiting his seventh house, a lot of energy will be put toward the public and being in public. When he was a child, his natal Pluto is 6 degrees of Virgo, so he witnessed the country in conflict and saw many changes taking place. He is used to strife and is probably more energized when things are a mess and need to be fixed. Uranus is transiting between his first and second house, opposing Mars in Virgo at 22 degrees. This could be more upsetting news, such as low poll numbers. However, with it moving into the second house, I would expect innovative programs for financing and regulations to be pushed for the financial institutions. He may come up with creative ways to get Congress to act on these ideas and reforms. Neptune will be opposing his natal Uranus, so he could be many upsets and could go through a period of unrest within himself. There could also be some type of transformation in the way he presents himself and his beliefs. A new enlightenment, this aspect will strip away his “idealism” and bring about a more realistic view of the world. He could be more determined than ever to transform our economy. I would expect that programs that he puts in place will change the face of the US. I predicted before that I saw railroads crisscrossing the US, and a program like we had when we built the highway system. With his natal Mars in Virgo, he will look for more efficient ways to get things done. Overall, I think this will still be a difficult year for the President and even more difficult for our Congress and perhaps the Supreme Court.