Anger and Grief Release

Anger & Grief Release

Have you spent a lot of your life angry about something?  Do little things constantly upset you?  Do people tell you that you are too emotional?  Has depression became a way of life?  You may have trouble relating to other people in a healthy way.  If you experience constant problems with your spouse, children, parents, friends, bosses and those in authority, then now is the time to make some positive changes.  Don’t let real or perceived abuse go unhandled.  You can deal with your anger in a positive way, by releasing it in an Anger/Grief counseling session.  A safe environment is created so that feelings of anger, sadness, grief, rage, resentment, hurt and abandonment are released.  Various techniques are used to assist in the release of these emotions.   While one session can be powerful, those who participated in monthly sessions significantly changed their lives.

Dee has been fully trained in the Primary Emotional Release Recovery work and has conducted many sessions with individuals.   She may use Louise Hays’ “Heal Your Life” material.

55 minute session                                $120.00