Uranus Transits thru Houses

Uranus Transits thru Houses


Transits to the first house – Expect a change in the personality


There will be radical changes in self-awareness and personal outlook on life.  Changes in personal interests, perhaps new friends.  An awakening to new levels of consciousness, becoming intuitive or developing an interest in Astrology or the metaphysical.  Brings about an interest in new ideas and might have flashes of insight or inventiveness.  Often, old friends go out of the picture and new ones come in.    Your overall appearance, physical body, lifestyle and the way you view life can be dramatically changed.   There will be a need for  freedom and not wanting to take orders from anyone.   Could develop interest in technology, archaeology or scientific fields.   Might feel the need to be more humanitarian.   Perhaps you will decide it is a good time to start your own business, or build something new.   During this period there is a great need to be seen as an individual, not part of a collective.  Whatever has been normal will be changed.  This brings about restlessness and a desire for change.  If stressed, it could cause impatience, impulsive behavior, and making foolish decisions.  People might come to view you as being strange or weird.


Transits to the second house – Expect changes in what you value and your valuables.


There can be fluctuations in financial matters.  Sudden gains and losses.  Money will be inconsistent.  Perhaps a job loss or winning the lottery.   It’s a time of reflecting on what you truly value, and this point may be driven home in some unexpected event.    Either way, you will have a shift in how you think about money and what you really value.  You may end up spending money freely, causing yourself financial problems.  There may be a greater emphasis on using technology to make money.   Love may come into your life, but the person will not fit the old mold of what you thought you wanted.  They could also leave as quickly as they came in.  But, your consciousness about love will be change forever.  If used positively, this can add new and exciting dimensions to existing relationships.     If stressed, financial losses can be prominent, coming about suddenly.   Romantic relationships can be affected for the worse.   It’s not a time to be erratic in how you handle you finances.


Transits in the third house – Changes in how you think, original ideas.


Original thinking can come about, with sudden “flashes” of intuition and brilliance.  This transits brings up intellectual curiosity.  You may choose some new course of study.  Problems will be easier to solve because of the insight that can be brought about by this placement.  More independent thinking is a mark of this transit.  There could also be an emphasis on siblings.  Short trips could become normal and a need to communicate at all levels.  You can become fascinated with the latest technologies.  If there is a leaning toward scientific matters, they will come to the forefront under this transit.  It is also a good period for writing or lecturing.    If stressed, you could become nervous and erratic, restless and have impractical ideas.  You might erroneously think you know more about something than you actually do.  Sibling could become a problem.


Transits in the fourth house – Changes in the home and the inner self.


A need to have more freedom in the home environment.  You might decide to “kick” the stove and go on strike, rather than cook another meal.  Or, perhaps for the first time you decide to become more domesticated. You could end up working out of your home, or if you are home based, may suddenly find yourself working outside the home.  You might decide to do a home makeover or buy and sell your home.     There will some type of change that will take place in the home. You could also go into a business that deals with the home, such as real estate or products used in the home.   There could be more responsibility with parents, especially your Mother.   It is time where you will be forced to reflect on the inner you.      Who you are and how you view the world.  Sudden events may bring about this reflection.  It’s also a time when someone in the home may become erratic.  If stressed, you could act impulsively and become erratic.   You can become moody and difficult to deal with, spending too much time in the home.

Transits in the fifth house – Changes in artistic expression, children and possible romantic liaisons.


This is a time when you may engage in things that give you pleasure.  You can become more creative and artistic.  You could become a parent, suddenly and unexpectedly.  There may be an emphasis on children, perhaps a new business that relates to children.   There can be changes with your children, such as a child going away to college of if stressed, problems with children.   There could be sudden gains and losses through speculation, such as the stock market or gambling.   You could get “flashes” of creativity and if an artist your work will take on a new dimension.   It’s also a time when you may engage in romantic affairs, that can begin and end suddenly.    If stressed, the affair could end badly.  You could experience losses due to bad financial speculation.


Transits in the sixth house – Changes in the workplace, work and matters of health.


This is a time when you may change jobs or begin a new line of work.   There could be sudden changes in the workplace.   You could also have “flashes” that help improve your work in some way.   You can become more health conscious, learning about what you eat, exercising and taking better care of yourself overall.  If stressed, you could become “fanatical” about your health.    You could become interested in alternative forms of healing.  It is especially favorable to those who practice any type of metaphysical work, giving insight to higher realms.  It is a good time to open up to medical intuition.  You could become more concerned with the environment, and how we treat animals and the earth.   If stressed, your job may cause you health problems, you could lose a job, become nervous and be viewed as eccentric.   You could become a pain in the “you know what” in the workplace.


Transits in the seventh house – Changes in relationships, coming before the public.


There will be a need for freedom in relationships.  You can attract unusual and talented people into your life.  You may undergo sudden changes in attitudes and ways of dealing with others.  It’s a good time to work with groups and you may engage in new partnerships.  Old relationships can end, and new ones begin.   This can include ending marriages and longtime affairs.    There is generally some kind of change in the marriage or the partner goes through many changes.   If not married, you may suddenly meet someone and get married.  However, these can be short lived.  The desire for personal freedom can cause you to eliminate those closest to you.  You may decide to start entertaining and become more involved in social groups.  If stressed, you can make decisions about relationships that you will later regret.


Transits to the eighth house – Changes in values and goals and other peoples resources


Changes can take place in joint finances.  There could be major changes that involve the tax man.  Perhaps an inheritance or unexpected problems with receiving money.   Financial planning becomes difficult.  You could have a “near death experience” or past life recall under this transit.   You could also become interested in the metaphysics,  past lives, the ancient mysteries and other related fields.   Sex may become an issue and there can be real losses of those you love.   If stressed,  it could bring about financial problems in business that end a relationship, friendship or marriage.  You could lose someone you love through death.


Transits to the ninth house – Changes in philosophy and higher education.


You may decide to suddenly go to college or seek other forms of higher education.  Your basic philosophy and how you see the world can change under this transit.  You may become a spiritual seeker, experiencing unusual religions and faiths.  There is an interest in the new, the unusual, such as the metaphysics.  You may travel at great distances, with trips that are either unusual or go to unusual places.  Sometimes you may decide to take these trips spontaneously and without a lot of thought.  You could travel with a group of friends and you can make new friends of foreigners.   This is a time when you may be published or decide to publish your own works.  If stressed, you philosophy can become radicalized, you could be viewed as eccentric and have impractical beliefs.  You might also travel to unsafe places in the world.


Transits to the tenth house – Changes in career goals, politics and a parent.


Career goals may be suddenly changed and new ideas or new ways of achieving those goals can take place with Uranus in the tenth.  It’s a good time to be involved in business group and new opportunities for business growth can occur as a result.  You could start a new career or abandon and old one.  One of parents could have life changing events.  If stressed, you could lose your job or career and reversals of fortune can happen.  You could experience problems with authority figures.


Transits to the eleventh house – Changes in friendships, organizations and dreams and wishes.


You could have sudden changes in friendships and groups during this transit.  New and unusual people may come into your life and then suddenly disappear.  You may develop an interest in scientific subjects and metaphysics or psychic subjects.  You may decide to engage in groups that are looking out for the betterment of the population, such as “green” enterprises.   You will attract new and unusual friends.  Some may be eccentric or unique in some way.  Your hopes, dreams and wishes will alter under this transit.  You’ll seek what is unique within yourself and individuality will be important.  You will want more freedom in everything you do.  If stressed, you can be misled by eccentric or unbalanced people and get involved in unpopular causes.


Transits to the twelfth house – Changes in the unconscious, ability to develop intuition.


This is a favorable time to engage in meditation and to experience the metaphysical.   Things that were unknown to you, family secrets and other “secrets” come to the surface.  This is can also involve betrayals.  You may also do things that are secret, hidden from the public.  You could be involved in group activities that are behind the scenes, things done in secret.   You may look into reincarnation and life after death.  You could become involved with larger animals, such as horses.  You could work or be involved in animal causes, institutions and  hospitals.   If stressed, you could be confined to an institution, such as a prison, hospital or mental ward.  You could also go to work at any of these places.